Our Family-Adolescent and Educator Support Program in Educational Communities is a complementary Educational Framework that aims at the detection and early intervention of violent behavior in adolescence. The provision of ongoing supervision (Guetzloe, 1991, 1992) is the starting point to implement a systemic program reinforcing Involvement, Collaboration, and Training of key strategies to effectively address aggression and violence in educational communities.

                                                                                                                    Our Activities include:

1) Experiential workshops where psychoeducation for parents, adolescents, and teachers will take place.

2) Workshops to prevent adolescent delinquent behavior and address stressful situations. The workshops will be open in collaboration with other Academic and Educational contexts.

3) Art in Therapy- The Journey of Odysseus. Through film, theatre, and music, the thoughts, psyche, and cultural conditioning of adolescents are brought to the surface and are excellent tools for both prevention and treatment.

4) Discussion tables where, in collaboration with teachers and parents, the voices of adolescents are heard, learning how they want to be helped within a context of equality and active listening.

5) The consolidation and success of the program relies on the ongoing, collaborative effort of all participants, (Teaching and Academic community, PTAs, students, families, partners, and volunteers outside of school).  This collaboration begins by building a strong base of support among all partnerships involved in the development of Belonging.

The creation of the program is through each narrative brought by the adolescent in the Psychoeducation groups that have been operating since 2015 to date, it is based on the lived experiences and observations of the group coordinator, where information has been collected to make this program work in a larger context than that of education. The design of the program is to provide a supportive climate in educational communities and offers rich elements that can be applied in a research field, with academic communities, and in school transformation with meaningful student participation.

We invite all interested parties to collaborate with us.

                                                                                             Educating Adolescents

At Kochlias Center, the adolescent group program focuses on positive reinforcement of adolescents and allows utilizing their individual strengths, focusing attention on their personality traits and interests, and as a result giving them the opportunity to connect and communicate effectively including individual-group potential, values, and self-esteem.

The adolescent group process is about enhancing intrinsic motivation, the importance of focusing on adolescents’ ability to pursue goals, and engaging them to learn new skills through creativity, storytelling, writing, drama, film, and music. We reinforce the importance of effective praise to the behavior rather than the individual.

The purpose of the teen group is to enhance understanding, skills, and the concept of engagement.