Kochleas Psychotherapy Center

The name Kochleas of the Mental Health Center, "Psychotherapy-Counseling" is inspired by the oldest symbol of vital force, the Spiral.

Where the Spiral motion symbolizes the way life is created is a symbol of Vital Force in its active state, "Movement-Encounter-Change", we find it everywhere in nature symbolizing the regions and the different ways of existence, highlighting the wanderings of the soul, events and return to the core. The issues of life and development, as a continuation of change in life, the search for human history.

The Spiral combines the shape of a circle, the Dynamic motion also symbolizes Time. As part of a smooth endless line, it also symbolizes growth, continuity, the rhythm of breathing and life itself.

The Spiral Movement works to recognize that past (family) experiences can fix the individual in unhelpful patterns that hinder the fulfillment of desires, depriving him of the right to reach his full potential and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Carl Jung reports that:

The spiral is part of the archetypal symbols where they are located crystallized in the collective subconscious, they are a coded human experience that accompanies every human existence.


Psychotherapy Center

Psychotherapy Center for Children, Adults and Families

In the Kochlea Center, we operate with innovative diagnostic approaches.

The way we approach the issues of each individual is the innovative therapeutic tool of investigation through the Spiral motion, combined with the Relational and Synthetic approach where it helps to investigate the exact process of treatment that corresponds to the history of each individual.

It is an innovative psychotherapeutic tool that combines the uniqueness of each individual in terms of lifestyle, desires, relationships, fears, experiences, and their interaction with the environment.

Combination therapy approaches offer new therapies, new possibilities and experiences shaping new representations and values of life.

The sessions take place with a physical presence, and in Covid, Skype, Zoom, Viber period.

The duration of each session is 50 minutes for the individual and 120 minutes for the group.

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In the journey of our lives we are constantly exposed to situations that require us to adapt to continue on our path. Sometimes we do well, sometimes not. Sometimes we fit in with others and sometimes not, Sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are disappointed ... No matter how pleasant or unpleasant we continue ...

Σα βγεις στον πηγαιμό για την Ιθάκη,
να εύχεσαι νάναι μακρύς ο δρόμος,
γεμάτος περιπέτειες, γεμάτος γνώσεις.
Τους Λαιστρυγόνας και τους Κύκλωπας,
τον θυμωμένο Ποσειδώνα μη φοβάσαι,
τέτοια στον δρόμο σου ποτέ σου δεν θα βρεις,
αν μέν’ η σκέψις σου υψηλή, αν εκλεκτή
συγκίνησις το πνεύμα και το σώμα σου αγγίζει.

ΙΘΑΚΗ Κ.Π. Καβάφης. ​