To the question that has been asked to me by several people

"What is Relational Psychotherapy?"

In response I catch myself every time memories emerge from my long journey as a patient, either because as a single parent family I was faced with the fear of different roles I was called to play raising two young children, or later as an e-learning student. psychology programs and my master's degree in Relationship Psychotherapy.

Personally for me, psychotherapy is feminine (if we can give a gender), it is the embrace that each of us asks to touch our silent traumatic aspects, it is the grip that was not given to us when and as we needed it.

It is the journey for our personal Ithaca and as Odysseus the journey of our personal search starts from the Sirens, the state that we understand that our balance is lost, we will go through many Trawlers, Cyclops, and every time we find obstacles we will want to escape to go back.

But ... The journey of psychotherapy is the companionship with the one (therapist) we have chosen, to accompany us on our journey is to hold on to our every bend, it is the impetus to our every start, it is the path that leads to the purest and most selfless LOVE of ourselves.

Relational Psychotherapy is the steps-lessons we take to recognize and accept our traumatic aspects, it is the redress, and healing to meet the pure part of ourselves, the side inhabited by LOVE (Love for self and to others), is the reconciliation with the scary patterns that have been built in our upbringing, every reconciliation and a feat, every recognition and an awareness, every step and a liberation, that is why psychotherapy is a way of life, and in this way of life we need to find a therapist-companion who can listen, understand, have empathy, accompany our family fragments ........

The family fragments of any unrecognized mourning loss mark the rifts or vulnerabilities we carry with us in future relationship interactions.

(Lyon, Berley, & Klassen 2012)

It will be my honor on your search trip to be your choice as a companion therapist.