Relational Psychotherapy

Relationship Psychotherapy is based on the concept of relationships with others that are an essential aspect of emotional well-being. Relational psychotherapy helps individuals recognize the roles they play in the here and now, and the interpersonal interactions used in relation to others.

Relational therapy can be an effective treatment for a whole range of psychological and emotional problems.

The understanding of how family patterns work from there and then in the here and now is the subtle mental movement lines as fundamentally important element in Relational Psychotherapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy provides a safe place to explore the inner world of the individual, the therapist-therapist encounter as a couple also includes the family systems that come through the narratives in the treatment room.

The road to more discovery, development and healing is different for everyone. Our synthetic spiral approach is applied to each with a separate treatment framework to explore the current impasses that arise and the factors associated with past problems, thoughts, feelings, and relationships.

In a safe, supportive, therapeutic environment that promotes well-being, creativity, we approach the interpersonal and interpersonal functions and the mental perception of the inner and outer world that everyone has, including the family and social contexts that functioned here and there. now. This process includes learning new coping skills, increasing self-understanding, exploring lifestyles and a better sense of how you interact and relate to others.

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is the creation of a social microcosm in an individual and group context, characterized as one of the most powerful therapeutic tools for growth and change.

The strength of a team lies in connecting with other people, sharing diversity, being able to observe more broadly from different perspectives and different points of view, helping people to relive their emotions through interaction between team members, recognizing the invisible - viewers aspects of the conflicts, and how aspects of past family life emerge in the here and now.

Feedback in group therapy works to bring members to the group "usually recreated by interpersonal difficulties", to share the constant stress that prompted them to seek psychotherapeutic care, to develop more empathy, to be able to express emotion to recognize the issues they reproduce in their lives, and to improve relationships, and their daily lives.

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In the journey of our lives we are constantly exposed to situations that require us to adapt to continue on our path. Sometimes we do well, sometimes not. Sometimes we fit in with others and sometimes not, Sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are disappointed ... No matter how pleasant or unpleasant we continue ...

Σα βγεις στον πηγαιμό για την Ιθάκη,
να εύχεσαι νάναι μακρύς ο δρόμος,
γεμάτος περιπέτειες, γεμάτος γνώσεις.
Τους Λαιστρυγόνας και τους Κύκλωπας,
τον θυμωμένο Ποσειδώνα μη φοβάσαι,
τέτοια στον δρόμο σου ποτέ σου δεν θα βρεις,
αν μέν’ η σκέψις σου υψηλή, αν εκλεκτή
συγκίνησις το πνεύμα και το σώμα σου αγγίζει.

ΙΘΑΚΗ Κ.Π. Καβάφης. ​