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Adolescents and children today have more stress than ever before. Sounds like an exaggeration?

Despite the fact that technology has penetrated dynamically into everyday life and in every home, it seems that these changes along with the rapid shifts due to pandemic in both the family and the social environment, make children and adolescents have difficulty coping with the accumulating situations. they.

Adolescence is always a difficult developmental period determined by fundamental changes (physical, cognitive, and social).

The transition from childhood to adulthood is probably the most difficult period for both teenagers and family.

The KOXLIAS Center implements Art Group Teenagers is an innovative program that focuses on the power of group meeting as a system, and peer interactions, enhancing the sense of belonging, and the feeling that one understands them, works focusing on dealing with the child - adolescent stress in creative ways, and is divided into three actions:

  • 1. Group of teens, Narration and Writing
  • 2. Parents Group, Narration of emotions
  • 3. Group of minors with parents, I observe and create a fairy tale.

The inspiration of the program is a collective effort started by the groups of teenagers and their need for a different way of approach (beyond the classic psychotherapeutic-counseling approach), in order to feel safe and express their feelings, the extension of the program in The next two actions are the involvement of parents and siblings in active support roles.

The program recognizes adolescents as individuals and as a family system, the synthetic spiral therapy is applied as observation, narration, writing, and communication are the main pillars that focus on understanding the defense mechanisms that work to avoid stress. , and the Parent-Adolescent relationship.

Systematic family recognition for the important roles that Acceptance, Reaction, Expectations, Denial, Avoidance, Transfer, Identification, Humor, and Social Comparison play are major issues for adolescents and the family as system.

Art Group Teenagers is based on Spiral Movement and Therapy, is the combination of different techniques and approaches emphasizing the understanding of issues that motivate and influence a child's behavior, thoughts and feelings, the Spiral Movement as a technique contributes creatively to localization of the child's difficult behaviors, manifestations through defense, and internal conflicts and struggles. It connects family members not only parents but also grandparents, healing the feeling of loneliness and sadness.

Groups take place once a week either in person or via Zoom during Covid19 and last 120 minutes

The total number of members of each group is 10 people.

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In the journey of our lives we are constantly exposed to situations that require us to adapt to continue on our path. Sometimes we do well, sometimes not. Sometimes we fit in with others and sometimes not, Sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are disappointed ... No matter how pleasant or unpleasant we continue ...

Σα βγεις στον πηγαιμό για την Ιθάκη,
να εύχεσαι νάναι μακρύς ο δρόμος,
γεμάτος περιπέτειες, γεμάτος γνώσεις.
Τους Λαιστρυγόνας και τους Κύκλωπας,
τον θυμωμένο Ποσειδώνα μη φοβάσαι,
τέτοια στον δρόμο σου ποτέ σου δεν θα βρεις,
αν μέν’ η σκέψις σου υψηλή, αν εκλεκτή
συγκίνησις το πνεύμα και το σώμα σου αγγίζει.

ΙΘΑΚΗ Κ.Π. Καβάφης. ​